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Wednesday, January 3, 2018
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Secretary's Message
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Message from the 202 Secretary – Gerry Ricke

Message from the 202 Secretary – Gerry Ricke
As you can see from the first page of the Informer we are having a one day celebration. Our attendance has been steadily declining and the Board of Directors has decided to try something new. They have taken an approach that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. They have also research and found many other Moose Legions throughout the nation do one day celebrations. Using statistics from our own celebrations we have found many members only want to give up ONE day of a weekend for Moose activities.
One of the problems has been, that due to of lack of volunteers, many times the games were inconsistent and there was nothing to do. At the last celebrations the games were run by the directors to insure a new and different game every half hour from 1-4 on Saturday. It seemed to be very successful with those looking for entertainment and there was a variety available.

Pre registration WILL NOT CHANGE, $12 per person for the celebration, meal, entertainment, and two free drinks. The Onsite registration for a meal HAS NOT CHANGED $15 per person for the meal, celebration, and entertainment (no free drinks). Onsite registration for the celebration only, NO MEAL, is $5.00 per person (no free drinks). Those members attending the general membership meeting at 10:00am will still receive a free drink.

Just reminder as we pre-register for Brooksville, please ensure that you have all the correct information on your envelope, adequate postage, as well as a return address. The deadline is NINE CALENDAR DAYS before the celebration to MAIL the pre-registration form. If you miss the USPS deadline, please EMAIL me your info and I will pre-register you as C.O.D. and collect your money at the registration table.
Pre-registrations are easier everyone to have things ready in advance and makes for a smoother registration process. Less waiting in line means more time for FUN!!! PLUS, you save $16 per couple by pre-registering.
As you sign new members please include a legible name and Moose ID #. Please make sure they have met the eligibility requirements of 6 months as a lodge member or have signed one member into the lodge. In your retention efforts remember once a Moose Legionnaire, always a Moose Legionnaire. Don’t forget to contact me if you retain a member.
Ain’t it great to be a proud Moose Legionnaire!
President's Message
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