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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Secretary's Message
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Message from the 202 Secretary – Gerry Ricke

Thanks to the outgoing board and everyone who has supported the Moose Legion over the last year! Welcome to the new board and a new year!
We had great fun with the challenge to all Lodge Moose Legion Committees to sell more Celebration Tickets than Golden Triangle 874 (32 Moose Legionnaires). Although many tried and came very close, 874 prevailed in selling 1097 tickets. However, 202 was the big winner taking in $3284.00 in ticket sales!!! From that, $350 going back to the winners and half going back to lodges that sold at least one more ticket than they have Moose Legionnaires. This is a win-win for all Lodges that sold tickets.
Just reminders as we pre-register for Ocala, I have another new GRAND ISLAND address, please check the pre-registration form. Also please ensure that you have all the correct information on your envelope, adequate postage, as well as a return address. I have also added “email verification” to the pre-registration form. If you include your email on that form, I will email you that I have received your pre-registration. If you have mailed your pre-registration and not received email verification within a week of dropping it into the mail please email me. The deadline is NINE CALENDAR DAYS before the celebration to MAIL the pre-registration form. If you miss the USPS deadline, please EMAIL me your info and I will pre-register you as C.O.D. and collect your money at the registration table.
Pre-registrations are easier everyone to have things ready in advance and makes for a smoother registration process. Less waiting in line means more time for FUN!!! PLUS, you save $16 per couple by pre-registering.

As you sign new members please include a legible name and Moose ID #. Please make sure they have met the eligibility requirements of 6 months as a lodge member or have signed one member into the lodge. In your retention efforts remember once a Moose Legionnaire, always a Moose Legionnaire. Don’t forget to contact me if you retain a member.
Ain’t it great to be a proud Moose Legionnaire!

Cypress website http://legion202.moosepages.org

IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE POSTED PLEASE CONTACT Gerry Ricke- legion202@mooseintl.org OR 352-602-1809.
President's Message
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